Readings 7: Privacy, Surveillance, + Exhibitionism

On the Record All the Time by Scott Carlson

“You’re recording your life all the time? Who would want to do that?”

This made me laugh. Everyone with a computer and social media account wants to record their life all the time.

With social media like Facebook,. Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Youtube, etc. we are constantly recording what we are doing, who we are with, our relationships with person A, B, and C, and big events in our lives. We may not be recording our lives all day every day, but just by these websites alone we get the general consensus of peoples lives.

“lifelogging” – continually recording

We are constantly complaining and questioning this idea of recording ourselves and lack of privacy – but are we not the ones causing this?


A World of Witnesses

NDI – National Democratic Institute

I do believe that the ability to record by cell phone can be useful, especially in cases such as Rodney King’s beating to prove the cops were in the wrong. However, we live in an age where now people record anything and everything they see fit. For example, when Paul Walker died of a car fire, videos of witnesses went viral, watching the situation.  We have grown so obsessed with catching something so tragic on film, that we forget that if we set our phones down – instead of recording tragedy we could potentially prevent it.

Sergey Brin’s Favorite Google Glass Feature

I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a fan of this “Google Glass” invention. As if we are not tied to our phones enough, now we are creating glasses that act as computers? As cameras? Not only is our technology attached to our fingertips, it is now attached to our faces!? Absolutely absurd.

“It’s easy to imagine lots of other situations in which it’d be attractive to be able to snap photos all of the time, whether with friends, on the subway, on a road trip, walking down the street, at the beach, at clubs, at bars, on an airplane, while discretely following that famous person you’re pretending not to photograph”

We do all of this already with our cellphones and cameras. Why on earth do we need to develop a new technology that only performs the same function?


* Do we have the right to complain about lack of privacy and gloat about the rigorous light feeling privacy gives to us if we actively create these social profiles and post ourselves in videos on the internet?


Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live

Everything we post on the internet is a risk. Every status, every picture. So despite my understanding of these concerns the article at hand is stressing, isn’t this just another component to the bigger picture? We are inviting people into our homes, into our lives – willingly.

Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password

It really disappoints me that in today’s world, “intimacy” is measured by a digital connection, while things like sex just come with the territory of being with someone. I’ll climb into bed with you – but don’t you dare look at my phone, we’re not at that “level.”

“It’s a sign of trust,” Tiffany Carandang, a high school senior in San Francisco, said of the decision she and her boyfriend made several months ago to share passwords for e-mail and Facebook. “I have nothing to hide from him, and he has nothing to hide from me.”

“That is so cute,” said Cherry Ng, 16, listening in to her friend’s comments to a reporter outside school. “They really trust each other.”

^ Although I do not have an issue with my boyfriend looking at my phone, and am a very honest person because I do not have anything to hide, this should NOT be the sole definition of “trust.” I could easily delete something off of my phone or computer and he would never find out. Technology is erasable.

“The response is the same: if we’re in a relationship, you have to give me anything,” Ms. Wiseman said.

^ privacy is privacy – and we are all entitled to it. Whether single or in a relationship. I think technology is giving a lot of people the wrong idea about what we are expected to give in a relationship.






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